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Hamilton wins in Shanghai


Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton won after pole position on Saturday the Chinese Grand Prix on Sunday ahead of Ferrari Driver Sebastian Vettel and youngster Max Verstappen in his Red Bull who made his way from position 16 on the grid to the podium as 3rd! There will be the Bahrain GP next Sunday and the weather should be instead of cold 13 C more than 30 ......

Vettel wins in Melbourne


Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari) won the season opener in Melbourne in front of the two Mercedes of Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas. The fans welcomed the new cars and were happy about more speed and better looking cars.... The next race will take place within two weeks in Shanghai in China.

Gentlemen start your engines......


New regulations and and new very spectacular looking cars - the 2017 season starts with two tests in Barcelona. The new generation of cars are very nice and should be much faster than the old once - we will find out in the next days..... All should be set for very good racing in 2017.....

Abu Dhabi: Nico Rosberg wins World Championship


Nico Rosberg wins the 2016 FIA Formula 1 Worldchampionship! Congratulations from everybody at Grand Prix Tickets - many thanks for an exiting season

Sao Paulo: Hamilton stays in titel race


Almost 50% of the race was led by Bernd Mayländer´s safetycar - but we still saw a very interesting Grand Prix in the rain of Sao Paulo and some stories were written: Lewis Hamilton won and keeps himself in the titel race; Nico Rosberg finshed second after a tactical race and only needs a third place to win the 2016 driver´s World Championship.; Max Verstappen was the master of the rain and passed 16 cars after his last pitstop to end up third. Filipe Nasr...

Hamilton wins Mexcican GP


Full grandstands and a super atmosphere on all three days of the Mexican GP - and Lewis Hamilton who made only one mistake in corner one but was the leader at all times .... Nico Rosberg had to fight to come in as second. Three drivers finished 3rd: Max Verstappen win the circuit; Sebastian Vettel on the podium and finally Daniel Riciardo in the official result list.... Next stop Brasil - Nico still leading the championship.

Hamilton wins in Austin - championship chance alive !


Lewis Hamilton wins in Austin and closes the gap to team mate Nico Rosberg in the championship a little. Rosberg started bad and had to fight hard to finish 2nd while Daniele Riciardo drove on the podium for Red Bull Racing again and celebrated his famous "shoe drinking show" on the podium....

Advantage Nico Rosberg!


It was Nico Rosberg´s weekend in Suzuka: Nico won the Japanese GP while team mate Lewis Hamilton had a very bad start and needed to go through the field to end up on third position. Max Verstappen drove a very good race and kept Hamilton behind. Nico is going with a comfortable lead in the championship to the next event in Austin.

Red Bull 1 and 2 in Malaysia


Daniel Ricciardo wins in front of teammate Max Verstappen for Red Bull in Malaysia. Nico Rosberg finishes 3rd after he came back as very last from lap 1 after Sebastian Vettel drove into him...Lewis Hamilton leaded until his engine went on fire.... The next race will take place within a week in Japan

Nico wins in Singapore and takes the lead in the championship


Nico Rosberg enjoyed a brilliant weekend in Singapore and won the night race just seconds in front of Daniel Riccardo. Lewis Hamilton managed to finish 3rd but lost the championship lead to teammate Rosberg. The Ferraris of Rosberg and Vettel came in 4th and 5th - Vettel had to come from grid position 22 because of troubles in Qualifying stage 1. The next race will be next door - the Sepang International Circuit in Malaysia is less than 1 hour from Singapore by...