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5th Mercedes 1 -2 in Barcelona


Lewis Hamilton wins in front of team- mate Valtteri Bottas-the 5th Mercedes double win this season. Max Verstappen finished third in front of the two disappointing Ferrari’s of Vettel and Leclerc. Hopefully the next race in Monaco has more action - Barcelona was quite boring.

Bottas wins in front of Hamilton and Vettel in Baku


Valtteri Bottas wins from pole position the Grand Prix in Baku in front of Mercdes teammate Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari)

1.000th Grand Prix: Lewis wins in China


Mercedes dominated the qualifying and race in Shanghai - while Valtteri Bottas got on pole, Lewis Hamilton cruised to a easy win. Sebastian Vettel brought his Ferrari home on disappointing 3rd place just in front of Max Verstappen (Red Bull ) and team-mate Charles Leclerc.Happy point scores behind as 6th Piere Gasly in his Red Bul ahead of Daniel Riccardo (Renault), Sergio Perez (Racing Point), Kimi Räikkönen (Alfa) and as 10th Alexander Albon in his Toro Rosso -...

Bad luck for Leclerc - lucky win for Hamilton!


The 15th edition of the Bahrain Grand Prix was a very interesting race with many overtakings and ended with a drama: pole setter Charles Leclerc looked like to cruise to his first victory when a view laps before the end his turbo did not work properly anymore and he had no chance to stop Lewis Hamilton nor Valteri Bottas to catch him and overtake him. The safety car helped him to take his slow Ferrari home on third to take him on the podium for the very first time....

Valtteri Bottas wins season opener in Melbourne


Valtteri Bottas passed Mercedes teammate Lewis Hamilton at the start and won the 2019 Melbourne Grand Prix in front of Lewis and Verstappen in the Red Bull Honda who passed Vettel in the Ferrari. Vettel and teammate Leclerc finished after a disappointing race 4th and 5th just in front of Magnussen in his Hass followed by Hülkenberg (Renault), Räikkönen (Alfa Romeo),Stroll (Racing Point) and Kwjat (Toro Rosso). Bottas got one extra point for the fastest lap. We...

Test of 2019 cars under way in Barcelona


Before the start of the season in Melbourne ( March 15th - 17th) all teams have the chance to test their new cars in two four day blocks in Barcelona. You can have a look how the cars will look like this year and get used.... We wish you all a nice and good 2019 season with great racing!

Hamilton wins final race in Abu Dhabi


Lewis Hamilton takes the win in Abu Dhabi thanks to a well timed pitstop during the safety car phase. This had to come out because Nico Hülkenberg did a double salto with his Renault and was upside down for 3 minutes... Vettel as 2nd and Verstappen as 3rd complited the podium. Daniel Riccardo finished 4th on his last race for Red Bull; Carlos Sainz 6th at his last one for Reanault and Charles Leclerc came home 7th for Sauber before going to Ferarri. Fernando...

Hamilton wins in Sao Paulo; Mercedes wins constructor´s worldchampionship


Lewis Hamilton wins the race in Sao Paulo and Mercedes the 2018 constructor´s Championship. The headlines were taken by two other drivers: Max Verstappen was leading the race and looked like the winner when Ocon had the idea to lap himself back and collided with the Red Bull driver.... both spun and Lewis won. After the race Verstappen told Ocon what he thought about that - and after bumbing Ocon the Dutch got two days of social work to do for the FIA........

Lewis wins 5th driver title - Max the Mexican GP!


Max Verstappen wins the Mexican Grand Prix after both Red Bulls dominated all practice sessions. Poor Daniel Ricciardo had to stop his Red Bull for the 7th time in a row during the race. Vettel and Raikkonen share the podium with Max but the man of the day is Lewis Hamilton: he wins the FIA Formula 1 Driver´s Championship for the 5th time! Both Saubers are finishing inside the points and Sauber passes Toro Rosso in the Team championship.

Kimi wins in Austin


Kimi Raikkönen wins after many years again and makes Ferrari, himself and all his fans very happy. Max Verstappen works his way through the field and finishes 2nd just ion front of Lewis Hamilton. Sebastian Vettel again destroys his chances by selfmade mistakes and finished 4th. It´s very likely that Lewis Hamilton will win the championship at the next event in Mexico.