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Verstappen wins in Saudi


After a rocket hit a gasplant 12km from the circuit the Saudi GP was close to be cancelled on Friday. The event went on and saw some more dramas and sensations: Mick Schuhmacher set his Haas in Q2 into the wall and was not able to start on Sunday but luckily escaped unhurt.Sergio Perez drove the qualifying lap of his life and got pole position for the very first time. The race was interrupted by some safety cars but was a thriller between Max Verstappen and...

Ferrari 1 - 2 in Bahrain


Ferrari took the very promising form they showed in the tests in Barcelona and Bahrain to the first race weekend and won the race with Charles Leclerc from pole position and 2nd place with Carlos Sainz. The two Mercedes of Lewis Hamilton and Georg Russell finished 3rd and 4th after a lot of problems before. Kevin Magnussen finished sensational 5th with Haas Ferrari in front of Valtteri Bottas for Alpha Romeo Ferrari (Sauber). Woldchampion Max Verstappen had a...



Max Verstappen und Lewis Hamilton started equal into the final weekend of 2021 in Abu Dhabi. Max set pole in a very special lap but Lewis started far better from P2 and after some fights had a comfortable lead and it looked like he was driving home for his 8th driver´s championship titel…. 5 laps to go: safety car because Latify crashed…. Max pits for sot tires; Max stays out… The race was on for one final lap and Max passed Lewis in the 5th corner and did...

Saudi: Max and Lewis going with 369,5 championshippoints each to final


The debut race in Saudi was nothing for bad nerves: the circuit got just finished in the very last minute and proved to be the fastest streetcircuit and the second fastest in the F1 schedule …. Max was on the way to a great pole on Saturday but ended up in the wall at the last corner. Sunday‘s race was a battle from start to finish between the two championship leaders. They drove into each other, went of together and righted till the end…. Finally after three...

Lewis wins ahead of Max in Qatar


Lewis Hamilton dominated the whole weekend in Qatar and won the first GP there ahead of Max Verstappen. Max got a grid penalty and had to start from P7 but was second after some laps - but he had never a chance to beat Lewis. Bottas had to retire after a type failure and a very bad race, Perez was not happy all weekend and finished 4th. Alonso was very happy to climb th podium after 7 years again and was voted man of the race. Max is leading by 8 points ahead of...

Hamilton wins in sensational way in Brasil


It looked like all was going wrong for Hamilton in Brasil - Mercedes decided to change the engine which resulted in a grid penality of 5 positions. Because his rear wing was not conform Lewis had to start Saturday‘s sprint trace instead from pole from the last position…. He drove superb and finished 5th - started from 10th on Sunday‘s GP and within some laps he was behind leader Max Verstappen. They had a very nice fight and put on th ebbst race for a long...

Max takes the win in Mexico


After a surprising qualifying with Bottas and Hamilton in front of the two Red Bulls Max Verstappen showed that he wants to win the worldchampionship: he passed both Mercedes on the way to corner 1 and breaker much later than the rest of the field - that was the win as nobody had a chance to follow… Sergio Perez pushed Lewis Hamilton but could not overtake - his 200.000 fans went crazy anyhow to see him on the podium. Pierre Gasly finished 4th for Alpha Tauri...

Max wins thriller from Austin ahead of Lewis


Max Verstappen won a thrilling race which was on between him and Lewis Hamilton till the end in front of a sold out crowd in Austin. Sergio Perez finished third. We enjoyed a week of late summer, a very good atmosphere and a lot of action on the circuit. The two Ferraris and McLaren looked strong as well. Sebastian Vettel scored a single point after he had to start from th back because of an engine change. Max leads the world championship now by 12 points - the...

Turkey: Bottas wins race; Verstappen leads championship


Valtteri Bottas won from pole position in Istanbul ahead of the two Red Bulls from Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez. Lewis Hamilton finished 5th behind Leclerc because had a grid penalty for engine change and started from position 11. In wet conditions all drivers had to use intermediates for all the race. Max Verstappen leads the driver‘s championship now by 6 points. The next event will take place in Austin in Texas in two weeks time.

Hamilton and Verstappen very lucky in Sochi….


Lando Norris was the star of this year‘s Russian GP: Poleposition and lead until 3 laps to go - a wrong decision to change tyres because of the rain cost the victory. Verstappen swam on a lucky wave from last position on the grid because of engine change to second and Hamilton started from P4 and was P6 for a while …. Finally he had a good pitstop at the right time and won…. Sainz was a happy third. Hamilton leads the championship again befor the next event...