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Advantage Nico Rosberg!


It was Nico Rosberg´s weekend in Suzuka: Nico won the Japanese GP while team mate Lewis Hamilton had a very bad start and needed to go through the field to end up on third position. Max Verstappen drove a very good race and kept Hamilton behind. Nico is going with a comfortable lead in the championship to the next event in Austin.

Red Bull 1 and 2 in Malaysia


Daniel Ricciardo wins in front of teammate Max Verstappen for Red Bull in Malaysia. Nico Rosberg finishes 3rd after he came back as very last from lap 1 after Sebastian Vettel drove into him...Lewis Hamilton leaded until his engine went on fire.... The next race will take place within a week in Japan

Nico wins in Singapore and takes the lead in the championship


Nico Rosberg enjoyed a brilliant weekend in Singapore and won the night race just seconds in front of Daniel Riccardo. Lewis Hamilton managed to finish 3rd but lost the championship lead to teammate Rosberg. The Ferraris of Rosberg and Vettel came in 4th and 5th - Vettel had to come from grid position 22 because of troubles in Qualifying stage 1. The next race will be next door - the Sepang International Circuit in Malaysia is less than 1 hour from Singapore by...

Rosberg wins in Monza


Nico Rosberg wins in Monza because of starting problems of team mate Lewis Hamilton. Sebastian Vettel in 3rd and Kimi Räikkönen on 4th position made the tifosi happy. The next three events will take part in Asia: Singapore, followed by Malaysia and Japan.

Rosberg wins classic race in Francorchamps


This year's Belgian Grand Prix turned out to be a home affair for Max Verstappen: 75% of the 100.000 spectators came from the Netherlands to support their new hero! Max did very well in all practice sessions but his race was more or less over in the first corner.... Nico Rosberg took the victory from pole Position, followed by Daniel Ricciardo and Lewis Hamilton, coming all the way from gridposition 21 to the podium. Next weekend will be the next round in Monza.......

Lewis wins Nico´s homerace


Nico Rosberg dominated all practice sessions and won pole position and did all to win his home race again after 2014. Some 100 meters after the start he found himself on position 4 which did not change until the end of the race. Hamilton took the victory for the 7th time in a row and leads the worldchampionship in a big way now. Red Bull showed a strong performance and Ricciardo finished 2nd ahead of Verstappen. Ferarri could only take the left over 5th and 6th...

Championship lead changes in Hungary


Nico Rosberg was one point ahead of Lewis Hamilton when they arrived in Budapest. Rosberg took pole position in a more than two hour qualifying which was started in rain and was stopped several times. Hamilton started much better into the race and was leading all the way through and Rosberg had no chance to win on this day. Daniel Ricciardo came in on third position, followed by Sebastian Vettel and Max Verstappen. Nico Rosberg is hoping for homevictory in...

Hamilton wins home grand prix in Silverstone


Lewis Hamilton wins his homerace in Silverstone ahead of the sensational Max Verstappen and an unhappy Nico Rosberg. The race was started behind the safety car and finished, as exspected in England, in bright sunshine. Nico takes a lead of one single Point in the worldchampionship to Budapest, where we will see the Hungarian Grand Prix take place.

Home Grand Prix next.....


The formula 1 circus will build up 300 meters from our main offices and the Red Bull Ring will host the next round of the formula 1 championship. We have seen super races in the past week and can exspect anothwer thrilling race because of the layout of the Red Bull Ring. Not only Formula1 as well as GP2, GP3, Porsche Supercup and a legends race with BMW M1 s from the 80s will entertain fans but concerts on Friday and Saturday night as well as public viewing from...

Welcome Baku - a new veune on the Formula 1 schedule


Next weekend we will see the very first formula 1 Grand Prix in the streets of Baku. Our first impression is very good / we look forward to a excellent weekend in Azerbaijan .