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Esteban Ocon wins chaos GP in Hungary


When both Mercedes ended up in P1 and P2 in qualifying everybody was surprised .... It started raining before the start of the race and Valtteri Bottas crashed in the back of Lando Norris after a bad start and took out both Red Bulls.... only Verstappen was able to continue with a very damaged car. In the second corner Stroll drove into Leclerc which was the end of the race for both. After a red flag only Lewis Hamilton started from the grid - the rest changed to...

Lewis wins in Silverstone - Max out after crash


For the first time F1 tried  a new format over the weekend: the qualifying for Saturday´s Sprint Qualifying  saw Hamilton on pole. The first Sprint qualifying over 17 laps ( 100km) turned out to be very intersting. Verstappen won because of a very bad start of Hamilton. There was a lot of action in the back: Alonso, Vettel and Raikkonen improoved their starting position for Sunday´s GP a lot while Perez found himself on the back of the grid after he...

Max wins in front of 130.000 fans at Red Bull Ring


Max Verstappen won in front of 130.000 fans at Red Bull Ring in Austria and leads the championship now by 32 points as Lewis Hamilton finished on P4 only. Valtteri Bottas finished 2nd on front of Lando Norris who had a superb weekend for McLaren. Sainz, Perez,Ricciardo, Leclerc, Gasly and Alonso finished in the points as well. The next GP will talke place in Silverstone infringement of a full house as well. Many thanks to Dietrich Mateschitz and Rede Bull: last...

Red Bull victory @ Red Bull Ring in Styria


Two Grand Prix within two weeks @ Red Bull Ring in Austria: Max Verstappen dominated the first weekend and won the ‚Styrian Grand Prix’ ahead of Lewis Hamilton and Valtterie Bottas. Sergio Perez finished fourth ahead of Lando Norris in Mc Laren and the Ferraris of Sainz and Leclerc. Stroll, Alonso and Tsunoda took the final championship points. Max has a 18 point adavantage over Lewis going into this weeks Austrian GP. While there were 15.000 spectators allowed...

Max Verstappen wins in France


Max Verstappen wins because of an extra pit stop ahead of Lewis Hamilton and Sergio Perez.15.000 spectators followed the race in Paul Richard and saw Bottas, Norris, Ricciardo, Gasly, Alonso and both Aston Martins of Vettel and Stroll finishing in the points. Both Ferraris ended up nowhere … The next two races will take place innige next two weeks at Red Bull Ring in Austria. Tickets for the BWT Steiermark GP as well as for the BWT Austrian GP are available...

Sensational win for Perez ahead of Vettel and Gasly!


The results of the 2021 Azerbaijan Grand Prix were not forseen by any bookmaker- Sergio Perez wins for Red Bull Racing ahead of Sebastian Vettel ( Aston Martin) and Piere Gasly (Alpha Tauri). Max Verstappen was leading when his rear tire exploded 4 laps before the end. Lewis Hamilton missed the first corner at the re-start and finished last …The French GP will be next in two weeks followed by two races in Austria! 

Max Verstappen wins in Monaco


The 2021 edition of the Monaco Grand Prix brought 7.500 fans back live to the action and the event was full of surprises: Charles Leclerc put his Ferrari on pole position and in the wall in his last lap in qualifying - on Sunday he did not make it to the grid as something broke on the way to the start... Valttéri Bottas had the honour to be the first person in F1 history who had to stop the race because one wheel could not be changed at all. Max Verstappen...

Lewis wins exciting boredom in Spain!


How can a boring race be exciting? Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) and Max Verstappen (Red Bull Racing) proved that in Barcelona: Max passed Lewis at the start but finally Lewis won because of a better tactic and one pitstop less than Max....Bottas finished 3rd without shining and was in the shadow of his team mate as Perez who came in 5th. Both Ferraris and Mc Laren ended up in the points as well as one Alpine( Ocon) and one Alpha Tauri (Gassly). Disappointing again...

Lewis wins his 97th Grand Prix in Portugal


Lewis Hamilton(Mercedes) wins in Portugal for the 97th time - flowed by Max Verstappen (Red Bull Racing) and Valteri Bottas (Mercedes), who started from pole position. In a boring race without any highlights Perez (Red Bull Racing) finished 4th ahead of Norris (McLaren), Leclerc (Ferrari), the two Alpines from Ocon and Alonso and Riccardo(McLaren) followed by Gasly (Alpha Tauri). The next race will take place in Barcelona in one week´s time.

Verstappen wins chaos race in Imola


Max Verstappen passed pole setter Lewis Hamilton at the start with a super start - and after more than 3 hours and red flag and safety car phases this was the final order - even Hamilton went back to position 9 and had to fight back. The crash of the day was the collision of Bottas and Russel followed by Latifi who wrecked the 2nd Williams as well.... Almost nobody stayed in the rainy conditions on the track all time - Hamilton, Perez, Schuhmacher and Mazepin need...