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Saudi: Red Bull continues to dominate

After the season opener in Bahrain not many people thought that anybody other than Red Bull Racing will win in Saudi - this turned out to be very right. Behind RBR the field was very competitive and close - we enjoyed fine racing for positions 3-10….Finally May Verstappen and Sergio Perez did another 1-2 for Red Bull ahead of Charles Leclerc (Ferrari) followed by Oskar Piastri (McLaren), Fernando Alonso (Aston Martin), Georg Russel (Mercedes) and Oliver Bearman (Ferrari)…. Oliver Bearman ? Carlos Sainz had an operation on his appendix and Bearman had to take over in FP3 and qualified Fiona 11th just three hundreds of a second behind Hamilton…. Behind this sensational debut drive Norris, Hamilton and Hülkenberg finished in the top ten. The news were covered by the troubles of Red Bull Racing - which we do not comment here and the announcement that Audi will take over 100 % of Sauber. The next event will be in Melbourne where Bearman will be ready to jump in again but Carlos Sainz should be race fit again.
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