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Hamilton wins city tour in Singapore


The Ferraris were the favorites in Singapore but already in qualifying things went wrong: Vettel made it to 3 and Raikkonen to 5 - same positions as in the race.... Lewis Hamilton did a Senna like super qualifying lap and won from pole ahead of Max Verstappen who finished 2nd in the qualifying and race. The race was more a city tour without any big highlights - only the two Force India´s ran into each other and gave Bernd Mayländer some work to do with the safety...

Misstakes by Seb give Lewis unexspected win


Thousands of Tifosi were ready for a Ferarri Party in Monza - it looked like nobody would be able to beat Vettel.... In Saturday´s qualifying misstake one happend: Vettele gave Räikkonen a slipstream and his teammade ended up in pole.... As Seb wanted to pass Kimi at the start he did misstake 2 by almost colliding with Kimi in chicane 1 and because of that he found Lewis Hamilton next to him in chicane 2 and the Ferrari drove into the Mercedes... Sebastian found...

Vettel dominates in Belgium


Sebastian Vettel passed polesetter Lewis Hamilton in the first lap and cruised home to victory in front of Lewis. Max Verstappen made thousands of Dutch fans happy finishing on the podium. Both ‘new’ Racing Point Force India finished in the points. Hulkenberg crashes into Alonso in the first corner and they ruined the races of Leclerc, Räikkönen and Ricciardo.

Lewis wins by surprise in Budapest


Both Ferrrais dominated all practice sessions for the Hungraian GP and looked were well - when the qualifying started on Saturday the rain came and both Mercedes swam around the Ferrari´s ... Lewis Hamilton cruised to an easy win in Sunday´s heat while Sebastian Vettel had to fight from 4th position hard to climb the podium in front of his team mate Kimi Raikkonen who finished 3rd. Instead a comforatable lead Vettel sees himself 22 points back of Hamilton in the...

Sebastian Vettel wins thriller in Silverstone


Sebstian Vettel passed polesetter Lewis Hamilton at the start and won the British Grand Prix in Silverstone..Lewis Hamilton was tunrned around by Räikkönen in turn 3 and came all the way from P17 to finish 2nd. Kimi got a 10 second penalty but managed to finish 3rd in front of Bottas and Ricciardo. Two safety car phases after crashes from Sainz, Grosjean and Ericsson and technical problems of Verstappen und Lecelerc made a thrilling GP. Sebastian Vettel will come...

Max Verstappen wins "Dutch Grand Prix" in Austria


What a thriller in Spielberg: Both Mercedes went out of the race with technical probems after starting from the front row; Sebastian Vettel takes the lead in the Championship with one Point ahead of Lewis Hamilton coming from starting position 6 after a penalty and finishing 3rd behind teammate Kimi Raikkönen. The man of the race was Max Verstappen: he won in front of more than 25.000 Dutch fans for the Austrian Red Bull Racing Team the home Grand Prix! Alonso...

Lewis wins - Seb loses


Lewis Hamilton won from pole position the French Grand Prix in Le Castellet. Sebastian Vettel collided with Bottas in the first corner and both had to join from the very back of the field... Finally Seb came home as fith - loosing the Championship lead to Lewis. Verstappen und Raikkonen joined Hamilton on the Podium. Charles Leclerc finished in the points again for Sauber. The next Event will take place 300 meters from our office in Spielberg on the next weekend -...

Sebastian Vettel wins in Montreal and leads the championship


Sebastian Vettel won from pole position with new trackrecord the Canadian Grand Prix and leads the world championship by one point ahead of Lewis Hamilton who finished 5th day. Valtteri Bottas came home 2nd in front of Max Verstappen. Sauber’s Charles Leclerc finished in the points again. Next GP: Paul Richard in France.

Ricciardo wins in Monaco


Daniel Ricciardo was the man of this yesr’s Monaco Grand Prix: in Red Bull Racing's 250th Grand Prix the nice and always smiling Aussi won from pole position. Sebastian Vettel as second scored important points for the championship and is now 14 points behind Lewis Hamilton who finished 3rd today. Next race will be Montreal in Canada.

Mercedes 1 -2 in Barcelona


Lewis Hamilton won from pole position the (boring) Spanish Grand Prix. As Ferrari made a mistake by calling Vettel to the pits for a second stop Bottas as 2nd and Verstappen as 3rd passed Vettel. Hamilton will travel with a 17 points lead in the championship to the next event in Monaco.