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McLaren double victory with Ricciardo and Norris in Monza

Saturday´s sprint race winner Valtteri Bottas had to start from the last position on Sunday´s Italian GP because his team  had to change his engine. Verstappen started from pole but Ricciardo took the lead. After a bad start Hamilton pitted and came out when Verstappen - who had a bad pitstopp - came along the straight. There was not enough space for both in the first chicane and Verstappen ended up parking his car on Hamilton´s car after he crashtested Lewis's Halo.... Both had to retire and the two McLarens of Ricciardo and Norris drove home the first double victory for the British team since 2012. It was Daniel´s 8th vioctory, the frist since Monaco 2018.... Bottas finished on the podium as 3rd ahead of Leclerc, Perez and Sainz. Within the pionts: Alonso, Stroll, Russel and Ocon. Verstappen leads the championship with 226,5 points ahead of Hamilton with 221,5 points before the next event in Sochi.
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