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Roman Grosjean: the miracle of Bahrain

The 2020 Bahrain GP will be rethought in history: Roman Grosjean lost his Haas in lap 1 and crashed with more than 220km/h into the guardrail: the car exploded into two peaces, caught fire and the poor driver stuck under the guardrail in the survival cell and was able to climb out by himself after 30 seconds .... Thanks to Halo he is still alive and served with degree 2 bruns on his arms and legs. After the  restart Stroll flipped his Racing Point and his team mate Sergio Perez had a engine failure just two l haps to go and lost a secure 3rd place. Lewis Hamilton won in fron of Max Verstappen and Alex Albon. The McLaren finished 4th and 5th. The disappointments of the race were the performances of both Ferraris and Valttere Bottas. There will be another GP in Bahrain next weekend on another circuit layout.  
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