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Shanghai is different but very interesting


More than 20 million people- a traffic jam everywhere, smog and a lot a construction- but everything is somehow working. There is some strange food for our taste around like flat chicken or pig heads....It is worth to visit the Chinese Grand Prix! We say hello from Shanghai

Impressions from Bahrain


We are enjoying another great event in Bahrain. Our clients are delighted and have a good time at Bahrain International Circuit.

Bahrain: Back in the desert


After the sensational start into the 2016 season in Melbourne Formula 1 is on the way to Bahrain for the second race from April1st to 3rd. Mercedes will work hard to get their cars better off the grid; Ferrari will try to win with the right tactics and Red Bull, Haas (!!!), Williams and Force India will try to get closer to the prodium while Toro Rosso, Renault, Sauber and Manor will push hard to get better results. McLaren will have to build a brand new car for...

New season starts in Melbourne this weekend


Since the final race in Abu Dhabi last november the teams had 8 days of testing. Next Weekend will see the opening round of this year´s Formula 1 Worldchampionship in Australia where Melbourne will host the Rolex Australian GP. Experts see a battle between Mercedes and Ferrari for the 2016 title but Red Bull, Williams and Force India should fight for Podiums as well. Toro Rosso and McLaren should run in the midfield. Behind them Sauber, Renault, Manor and the...

Very welcome comeback to Mexico City!


Mexico is hosting a Grand Prix again since 1992 - the old circuit was renewed and put into 2015 standard and will be one of the three fastest racetracks in the 2015 Formula 1 schedule. A full house is anxious to see local hero Sergio Perez and all the other stars. We are sure you will enjoy this event a lot…..

Welcome to Austin, Texas!


Warm weather, good steaks and a very nice city welcomed us to the 4th US Grand Prix in Austin. We are looking forward to some good racing and a lot of great music...

Second Russian Grand Prix


After a great first ever Grand Prix in Russia last year we look forward to the second edition in the Olympic park in Sotchi.

Wheel to wheel racing


From Singapore Flyer to Suzuka Giant Wheel - 2 Grand Prix within 10 days....

Smog in Singapore


In the worldwide media you can read about the smog problem Singapore got at the moment. We are already here since two days and have to say that the smog problem is bigger than it ever has been when we were here: residents told us that farmers in nearby Indonesia are burning woods to extant their farm grounds and the wind blows all the smog to Singapore right now. We were told that they do this every year and that these problems are known and can take as long as...

Singapore - the greatest nightshow of the world - our preview


Singapore will host again the very popular night race from 18th-20th of September. All drivers, team members, media and spectators from all over the world love to come to Singapore for this event. Not only the action on the Marina Bay Street circuit but the whole city in party mood makes this event so special. You can enjoy the city during the day and do your shopping and sightseeing while in the evening you watch the race and you can go out for dinner even after...