Tickets worldwide - all Formula 1® and motogp races



Formula One Paddock Club™ tickets are sold as either a Friday only, a 2-day (Saturday and Sunday) or 3-day (including Friday - Sunday) option. At selected races a limited ticket option is available:

Friday Only ticket option not available: Australia, Canada, Holland, Singapore, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi.

3 day only option: Australia, Singapore, Mexico, Brazil.


A further initiative to enhance the genuine business benefit of the Paddock Club™ experience is the provision of a Business Suite. These will be available at various locations during the 2021 season and is designed to be a flexible space used for forums, meetings and business events and also as a separate space for any corporate client who, over the weekend, may need occasional access to an area with a little more privacy.

The Business Suite is provided and managed by the race organisers and will be available for exclusive use at an additional cost – please ask your Team contact for more information.


Prices indicated on the official Red Bull Racing 2021 Price List are listed as being exclusive of any VAT. Where applicable, these rates have been indicated. Please note at some races such as Russia & Azerbaijan, registered taxpayers within these regions may be required to pay additional tax to local authorities at the current rate.


One car parking pass is issued complimentary for every three tickets purchased. (Except in Australia & Brazil where parking is very limited & in Singapore where the ratio is 10:1). Additional car parking passes can only be purchased in conjunction with Formula One Paddock Club™ tickets and will be issued for the relevant days. Additional car parking passes are subject to availability and can be purchased at $180 per pass (excluding local taxes). Please note no additional car parking passes can be purchased in Australia, Canada, Singapore and Brazil.


Vehicles transporting more than 8 guests and longer than 5.7 metres need a coach pass. A coach pass can be exchanged for 5 car parking passes or is available for purchase at $450 excluding local taxes. Please note that if the coach driver is not a ticket holder, they may require a Chauffeur Pass at races where parking is within the circuit entrance. Please check with your Team contact for more information.


Chauffeur Passes are required for non-ticket holders at every race where the parking facilities are located within the circuit. These races include;

Spain, Great Britain, Germany, Hungary, Belgium, Italy, Japan, Mexico, USA and Abu Dhabi.

Chauffeur Passes cost $150 each.

When purchasing a Chauffeur Pass, if you are not allocated a complimentary car parking pass with your ticket order, you will need to purchase a car parking pass in conjunction with a Chauffeur Pass in order for it to be validated.


Any person under the age of 16 years must be accompanied and supervised by a responsible adult (aged 18 or over) ticket holder at all times. All persons in attendance will require a ticket, including children of all ages.


Please contact:

JODIE PORTER, Senior Hospitality Manager

T: +44 (0) 1908 273 607

M: +44 (0) 7715 237 393