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Maiden win for Georg Russel in Brasil

Georg Russel won the Sprint and the Grand Prix in Sao Paulo! He drove superb on Saturday and Sunday and deserved his first ever win of a Sprint race and one day later of the Brasilian GP! Th either sensation was Kevin Magnusson for Haas: as first ever driver from Denmark he got pole position for the Sprint race and finished for the 3rd time in the championship points at a Sprint in 2022! On Sunday Ricciardo drove in the first lap into Magnusson and both had to retire while Mike Schumacher startet from last position in the Sprint. Lewis Hamilton finished 2nd in front of Carlos Sainz who was second in the sprint on Saturday. You are missing Red Bull? Sergio Perez qualified very badly for the Sprint and finished 7th in the GP behind Max Verstappen who had not his best weekend an did not change position with Sergio as requested…. Therefor Sergio is tied second in the driver´s championship with Charkes Leclerc before this weekends final Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. 
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