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Max and Sergio win constructor´s championship for Dietrich Mateschitz in Austin

Everything was prepared for a happy and good weekend for Red Bull Racing: Max won teh driver´s championship already in Suzuka and everybody was looking forward to Red Bull Racing to win the constructor‘s championship in Austin. But just before Saturday´s qualifying very bad news came from Austria: Dietrich Mateschitz, owner of Red Bull , passed away 78 year´s old. As everybody in the formula one family respected Mr Mateschitz and liked his handshake quality by doing deals and knows how much he gave for sports and especially for motor sports this news were a great shock - and all happening later this weekend was not so important anymore. Red Bull Racing wanted to win the constructor´s titel for „the boss“ and finally after a very good race Max won and thanks to Sergio`s 4 th place this aim was fulfilled. There were a lot of tears when the Austrian anthem was played and Dr Helmut Marko took the trophy for the winning constructor on the podium and dedicated it as well as the worldchampionship titel to Dietrich Mateschitz. After all that tragedy we saw pole setter Carlos Sainz kicked out in turn one by George Russel, saw Alonso flying over Stroll but still finishing in the points, Sebastian Vettel leading a GP since ages and finishing 8th after a hard comeback after a very bad 16 second pitstop and finally Lewis Hamilton leading and fighting with Max for the victory and finishing second in firing of Charles Leclerc who had to start from P 12…. The next race will be next weekend in Mexico City. All we can do now is say „Danke Didi“ you support many people….
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