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First every victory for Carlos Sainz in Silverstone

Carlos Sainz won Pole-position by surprise for the very first time in his 150th Formula 1 start and finally won the British Grand Prix. Just seconds after the start four or five cars collided and Zhou`s Alfa was turned up side down and slides for some hundert meters over the track and gravel bed before flipped over the guard rails and only stopped by the FIA fence. Thanks god he was not hurt as well as Albon who was taken to hospital for checks as well. Russel´s raced was over as well. After the new start there was a great fight between Verstappen and the Ferraris. Verstappen had to slow down because his floor was not working well and suddenly there was a fight between Leclerc, Sainz and Hamilton before the last safety car phase. Sainz took the lead from Leclerc and Hamilton had to fight with Leclerc and Perez…. The thriller ended with Sainz ahead of Perez and Hamilton. Leclerc had no chance because of old tires and finished 5th. Verstappen came in 8th ahead of Mick Schumacher who scored his first ever championship points. Next weekend will see our home race in Spielberg - Austria!
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