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Verstappen wins chaos race in Imola

Max Verstappen passed pole setter Lewis Hamilton at the start with a super start - and after more than 3 hours and red flag and safety car phases this was the final order - even Hamilton went back to position 9 and had to fight back. The crash of the day was the collision of Bottas and Russel followed by Latifi who wrecked the 2nd Williams as well.... Almost nobody stayed in the rainy conditions on the track all time - Hamilton, Perez, Schuhmacher and Mazepin need to change their front wings. Lando Norris was a happy 3rd for the second time for McLaren after he had done this in Spielberg 2020 for the first time. Both Ferraris finished well as 4th and 5th while Stroll made some points for Astion Martin and both Alpine drivers finished in the points as well. All cars have to be repaired or newly built and must be ready at latest on Friday for the Portuguese GP.
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