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Max Verstappen wins "Dutch Grand Prix" in Austria

What a thriller in Spielberg: Both Mercedes went out of the race with technical probems after starting from the front row; Sebastian Vettel takes the lead in the Championship with one Point ahead of Lewis Hamilton coming from starting position 6 after a penalty and finishing 3rd  behind teammate Kimi Raikkönen. The man of the race was Max Verstappen: he won in front of more than 25.000 Dutch fans for the Austrian Red Bull Racing Team the home Grand Prix! Alonso started from the pits and finished in the poinst as did both Haas, Force India and Sauber. Birthday kid Daniel Ricciardo did not finsih because of a technical issue. Everybody was happy about the good organization at Red Bull Ring after the (traffic-) desaster in France the week before. Next event: Silverstpne next sunday.
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