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Sao Paulo: Hamilton stays in titel race

Almost 50% of the race was led by Bernd Mayländer´s safetycar - but we still saw a very interesting Grand Prix in the rain of Sao Paulo and some stories were written: Lewis Hamilton won and keeps himself in the titel race; Nico Rosberg finshed second after a tactical race and only needs a third place to win the 2016 driver´s World Championship.; Max Verstappen was the master of the rain and passed 16 cars after his last pitstop to end up third. Filipe Nasr finished 9th and helped Sauber to get ahead of Manor in the constructor´s championship.. Not to forget Felipe Massa who cried in front of his home crowd because he finished his last Brasilian GP in the wall. Raikkonen, Ericson, Palmer and Grosjean wrecked their cars as well.... In two weeks we will see the decision in the driver´s championship in Abu Dhabi in the last race; we will see formula 1 cars for the last time as they looked like tin the past years - in 2017 we will see new, faster cars with much wider tyres.
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