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Abu Dhabi: 15th win for Max in 2023, Danke Seb!

Max Verstappen won from pole position his 15th GP in 2023 in Abu Dhabi and finished a super season in style. Charles Leclerc for once got support from Ferrari and they did the right tactics to get him second in teh race and championship. Third in the race and driver´s championship : Sergio Perez for Red Bull Racing. The other drivers in teh points were Sainz, Russel, Norris, Ocon, Stroll, Ricciardo and Vettel. Sebastian Vettel scored on point as he did at his debut race in Indianapolis when he had to step in for Kubica who had a massiv crash in Montreal. We thank Seb for a great time in formula 1 - and say as everybody: Danke Seb! Th weekend in Abu Dhabi was not only the last for Seb but as well for Daniel Ricciardo ( who will be Red Bull`s test and reserve driver in 2023) , Nicolas Lafity and Mike Schumacher. We are looking forward to the first GP in 2023 in Bahrain - please book your tickets soon for 2023 as some events are already sold out now….
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