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Montreal: Vettel crosses line as first but is only second on the podium....

Exactly one year ago Sebsatian Vettel crossed the line as winner of the Canadia GP for the last time ..... Last Sunday after a great poleposition and a super race against Lewis Hamilton he finished first again - on the podium he was second...Hamilton was pushing hard and Vettel lost his car - but managed to come back from the meadow in front of Lewis.... the FIA stewards gave him a five second penalty which made Hamilton the winner.... This ruling was very stupid and not understandable and ruined a very good race - the fans want to see racing and could follow e-Sport if they liked racing like the Stewards wanted it.... Leclerc finished third in the second Ferrari in front of Bottas and Verstappen. Canadian homeboy Lance Stroll finished in the points as did Daniel Kvyat in his Toro Rossoi. Hopefully we will see a great race again in France - with some differend FIA Stewards.....
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