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Misstakes by Seb give Lewis unexspected win

Thousands of Tifosi were ready for a Ferarri Party in Monza - it looked like nobody would be able to beat Vettel.... In Saturday´s qualifying misstake one happend: Vettele gave Räikkonen a slipstream and his teammade ended up in pole.... As Seb wanted to pass Kimi at the start he did misstake 2 by almost colliding with Kimi in chicane 1 and because of that he found Lewis Hamilton next to him in chicane 2 and the Ferrari drove into the Mercedes... Sebastian found himself on the last position... Because of tyre problems Kimi was unable to hold Lewis and finished second in front of Bottas, Verstappen and Vettel.... Lewis leads the worldchampionship now by 30 Points....
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