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Monaco Grand Prix


The Monaco Grand Prix is the one race of the year that every driver dreams of winning. The race in Monte Carlo is absolutely spectacular and there is no other Formula 1 with more stars and glamour. The Monaco street circuit places very different demands on the cars and there are some potential risks caused by the lack of large run out zones.

The famous tunnel presents a unique problem. It is hard for drivers to cope with due to the quick switch from light to dark, then back to light again, at one of the fastest points of the course. Out of the tunnel, the cars have to brake hard for the tight left-right-left Nouvelle Chicane. This has been the scene of several large accidents. The pit lane is the smallest of the Formula 1 calendar with a minimum of space for Teams and mechanics.

Being a tight street circuit, it is virtually impossible to pass on this track unless the driver in front makes a mistake.

Winner2016: Lewis Hamilton

Currency: Euro


Description Value
In the racing calendar1950, seit 1955
route length3,337 km
race length260,520 km in 78 round
lap record (race)1:14.439 (2004, Michael Schumacher)
lap record (Quali)1:12.178
most victoriesAyrton Senna (6)
Most polesAyrton Senna (5)
how often?75
first time1929