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Japan Grand Prix


One of the greatest tracks used in Formula One racing today, Japan's Suzuka Circuit is a massive test of car and driver ability.

Built by Honda as a test facility in 1962, the track was designed by Dutchman John Hugenholz, the Hermann Tilke of his day. A huge theme park was also constructed at the track, including the famous big wheel which dominates the Suzuka skyline.

In 1987, having hosted various sportscar and F2 races, and having lost out initially to Fuji in the race to host the Japanese Grand Prix, Honda's influence finally prevailed and the Grand Prix had a new Japanese home.

The track has also become a favourite with drivers, featuring some of the F1 calendar's most challenging corners. Among the most popular are the high-speed 130R and the famous Spoon Curve. On top of this the circuit's figure-of-eight layout makes it unique in F1 racing.

Winner 2016: Nico Rosberg

Währung: Japanese Yen


Description Value
In the racing calendar1976-1977, since 1987
route length5,807 km
race length307,573 km in 53 round
lap record (race)1:31,540 (2005, Kimi Räikkönen)
lap record (Quali)1:27.319
most victoriesMichael Schumacher (6)
Most polesMichael Schumacher (8)
how often?43
first time1963