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First GP



<h3>Austria Grand Prix <h3>


The Red Bull Ring is a traditional race track in the town of Spielberg in Styria, which was opened in 1969 as “Österreichring” and from 1997 to 2003 called A1-Ring. After a longer break and a lot of rebuilding the Formula 1 came back to the Red bull Ring on 22nd June 2014.

An architectural highlight of the circuit is the modern Main Grandstand, which resembles the rear wing of a Formula 1 car. The circuit’s landmark is a 15m high bull made of steel, which is located in the middle of the area.

The Red-Bull-Ring is a very interesting circuit that promises lots of action with its sharp right-hand corners, two quick left turns in the infield, and two long straights for overtaking manoeuvres. The big differences in height contribute to this too.

Winner 2016: Lewis Hamilton

Currency in Austria: Euro


Description Value
In the racing calendar1964, 1970-1987, 1997-2003, since 2014
route length4,326 km
race length307,146 km in 71 round
lap record (race)1:07.411 (2017, Lewis Hamilton)
lap record (Quali)1:04.251
most victoriesAlain Prost (3)
Most polesRené Arnoux, Niki Lauda (3)
how often?31
first time1963