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First GP



<h3> Brasil Grand Prix </h3>


The Autódromo José Carlos Pacein Brazil - also known as Circuit of Interlagos (meaning “between the lakes”) is located approximately 12 km outside from São Paulo city in the Parelheiros district.

The track layout allows fast lap times. A crucial spot to accomplish a fast lap is the last turn. It leads uphill so every mistake is punished even more. The tropical climate causes rain at nearly each race weekend, which adds to the excitement.

The Autódromo José Carlos Pace is a fantastic track with a great atmosphere.

Winner 2016: Lewis Hamilton

Currency: Brazilian Real


Description Value
In the racing calendar1973
route length4,309 km
race length305,909 km in 71 round
lap record (race)1:11,044 (2017, Max Verstappen)
lap record (Quali)1:08.322
most victoriesAlain Prost (6)
Most polesAyrton Senna (6)
how often?46
first time1972