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Silverstone Grand Prix


The Silverstone Circuit was built on the area of a former British Air Force Base. 1950 the very first Formula 1 World Championship race was held at Silverstone.

The curve combinations and especially the sometimes very fast turns pose a challenge for the drivers. The typical British weather (rain and gusts of wind) adds to the challenge.

The circuit was modernised in 2010, and the new futuristic press centre came into existence as part of these upgrades.

Many of the teams have their factories in the surroundings of Silverstone, giving the area the name “Formula 1 Valley”.

Winner 2016: Lewis Hamilton

Currency: Pound Sterling


Description Value
In the racing calendar1950
route length5,901 km
race length306,747 km in 52 Runden
lap record (race)1:30,621 (2017, Lewis Hamilton)
lap record (Quali)1:26.600
most victoriesJim Clark, Alain Prost, Lewis Hamilton (5)
Most polesJim Clark, Lewis Hamilton (5)
how often?72
first time1926