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First GP



<h3> Italy Grand Prix </h3>


The Autodromo Nazionale di Monza is located in the royal park of Monza in the northeast of Mailand. With a size of 688 hectares the park itself is more than twice as large as the Central Park in New York.
Characteristically for the track are the long straights, which bring the average speeds up to 240km/h. Because of that Monza is called the last high-speed track of modern times.

Specially for Monza they developed the “Low-Downforce-Setup”. Together with the extremely flat wings, the highest speeds of the season are reached in Monza.

To meet the requirements of modern racing, the track is constantly modified.

Winner 2016: Nico Rosberg

Currency: Euro


Description Value
In the racing calendar1950
route length5,793 km
race length306,720 km in 53 round
lap record (race)1:21,046 (2004, Rubens Barrichello)
lap record (Quali)1:20.089
most victoriesMichael Schumacher (5)
Most polesLewis Hamilton (6)
how often?87
first time1921