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Abu Dhabi



First GP


Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Yas Marina Circuit

One of the jewels in Abu Dhabi's crown is the 5.55-kilometre Yas Marina Circuit, which on November 1, 2009, hosted the country's inaugural Grand Prix. It was also the first F1 twighlight race, with powerful lighting ensuring a seamless transition from day to night.

Located on the spectacular Yas Island, the track is a shining example of modern Formula One circuit design (by Hermann Tilke). It features nine right turns and 12 left turns and is one of the few venues on the calendar to run in an anti-clockwise direction.

The circuit with the artificial harbour resembles the circuit of Monaco. A dominating sight is the Yas Viceroy Hotel inside the circuit. The cars pass the hotel beneath a bridge connecting the two parts of the hotel.
All of the grandstands, including the massive hairpin seating area, are covered to protect spectators from the desert sun, whilst the state-of-the-art pit building boasts 40 air-conditioned garages. Luxuriant comforts and first-rate views are clearly the watchwords for Abu Dhabi race goers.

Winner 2016: Lewis Hamilton

Currency: Dirham