Q: What does the Ferrari Formula 1® Club weekend package include exactly?

The Ferrari Formula 1® Club package includes the following:

• Access to the Ferrari Formula 1® Club for the entire duration of the event

• Gourmet buffet lunch with fine wines every day

• Open bar all day including Ferrari Trento

• Exclusive appearances of Scuderia Ferrari drivers, Ambassadors, Reserve drivers and engineers

• Digital and live experiences

• Access to the Paddock Club™ general area, which boasts many attractions such as truck tours of the track, simulators, DJs and lounge areas

• Access to the pit lane walk with a closer look of the Scuderia Ferrari Garage

• Exclusive gifts every day


Q: What is the difference between the Paddock Club™ area and the Paddock at the track?

The Paddock Club™ is the area in which all teams are hosting their guests in the hospitality suites.

The Ferrari Formula 1® Club is located in the same area.

Most of the times the Ferrari suite is placed above the garages to provide the guests with an exclusive view of the start grid and the pit lane.

The area called paddock, is the one right behind the garages and it is exclusively reserved to Formula 1® teams and media.

In European races you will find the Motorhomes in the paddock area together with the trucks following the Teams all around Europe, while during overseas races all the Teams use the facilities of the circuit.

N.B. none of the tickets on sale include access to the paddock at any of the Formula 1® GPs, being the paddock a working place.

Q: What if Ferrari Formula 1® Club does not reach the minimum number required for the private suite?

If the minimum number required will not be reached, guests will be then hosted in the Club Lounge area in the general Paddock Club area above the garages.

All services will be the same, with the exception of the private area. One Ferrari F1 Club Staff Member will be present at all times to fulfil all your requests.

Q: If I purchase a Ferrari Formula 1® Club ticket, am I also entitled to a car park pass for my car?

Car Parking passes can be requested only if the tickets order match the ratio for that specific GP.

Guests can request 1 car Parking Pass:

  • Each 3 tickets for Bahrain, Saudi, Baku, Imola, Spain, Austria, UK, Hungary, Belgium, Monza, Qatar, Mexico and Abu Dhabi;
  • Each 4 tickets for Miami, Canada, Monaco, Japan and Austin;
  • Each 5 tickets for Netherlands.
  • Each 10 tickets for Brasil.

No parking pass is available in Australia, Singapore and Las Vegas.

No additional car parking pass can be requested or purchased for 2023 season.


Q: Are children allowed? Is there a discount for them?

Children under 7 years old (included) are not allowed to access the Ferrari Formula 1® Club, even if they own a ticket, unless accompanied by his/her parent.

There are no discounts for any sort of different category of guests (children, students, over-60s, etc.)

Q: Can my Ferrari Formula 1® Club tickets be sent?

Tickets will not be delivered to home addresses, due to the very limited time available.

This means that while you book your tickets, you will see the team hotel address which tickets will be left as follows:

    European Races – starting from Thursday on the race week, most likely after 10pm

    Overseas Races – starting from Wednesday on the race week, most likely after 10pm

Further confirmation will be sent by the Ferrari F1 Staff 1 week before the event to confirm the exact person collecting the tickets.

Q: When will I need to purchase a chauffeur pass?

The chauffeur (or driver) pass allows drivers of vehicles (with a car parking pass

or a coach/bus parking pass) to access the Paddock Club™ parking area only.

However, this pass does NOT include access to the Ferrari Formula1® Club or

any other hospitality suite inside the Paddock Club™. Chauffeur/Driver pass is required for Spain, Austria, UK, Hungary, Belgium, Monza, Japan, Qatar, Austin, Mexico, Brasil and Abu Dhabi

Q: When will I need a coach pass?

A Coach (or Bus) Pass will be required for vehicles from 15 seats and it will need to be exchanged with 5 parking passes. Additional coach passes will need approval.

Q: For how many days is my Ferrari Formula 1® Club ticket valid?

Each Ferrari Formula 1® Club package will include a pass for each day of the GP Weekend. Each pass will be valid for one day only. The passes can be used by different people on the different days of the race weekend, but by no more than one person on the same day.

With the exception of the Monaco GP (Saturday and Sunday only) the term “race weekend” in the context of the 2023 season refers to three (3) days (Friday, Saturday and Sunday).

Q: If I purchase a weekend package, can I give the tickets to different people?

The Ferrari Formula 1® Club package includes a pass for each single day of the event, the passes are not nominal. Therefore specific passes can be used by different guests on different days, but only one person per day. Once the holder has entered the hospitality area, his or her day pass becomes non-transferable.

Q: How can I become a Ferrari Formula 1® Club vendor?

Ferrari Formula 1® Club tickets are available solely and exclusively from Ferrari Spa. No agents, vendors or official promoters are involved in their sale. The use of logos, brands and images to promote and/or sell Ferrari Formula 1® Club tickets is also prohibited.

Legal action will be taken over any infringement of the above.

Q: Can I cancel my order or ask for my money back?

Once the Booking has been submitted, no exchange or cancellation of any Ticket will be permitted.

Q: Does the Ferrari Formula 1® Club have a dress code?

Smart-casual attire is recommended. Sports and beachwear are not permitted.

Q: At what time does the Ferrari Formula 1® Club open and close?

The time varies from race to race. You will find a program to download on the race you have chosen which refers to the previous season.

You will be forwarded a detailed program 1 week before the event by email and/or one will be included in the tickets’ package you will receive.

Q: What if I forget my pass or I take the one of the wrong day with me?

The access to the Paddock Club™ area is only allowed after showing off the pass. Therefore, who should show the wrong pass or not be able to show a pass at all, will not be allowed in.