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Factory Tour

Racing Point F1 Team is opening its doors to the public and allowing backstage access for Formula One fans.

Located in Silverstone, just opposite the famous circuit gates, the Racing Point F1 factory is where our cars are designed and manufactured. On your tour you will see all stages of this process, including the normally off-limits design office, inspection departments, proof testing, machining, composite manufacture, sub assembly, race bays, our simulator and of course, the cars themselves*.
F1 is a notoriously secretive business, so camera phones are not allowed, but the excitement of seeing one of these exclusive teams behind the scenes will give you an insight into your favourite sport to which few people have been privy before. You will discover exactly what it takes to go racing 21 times a year around the world in front of 1.75 billion fans!

The tour will take approximately 90 minutes and includes refreshments and a gift to take away with you. There will be a photo opportunity with an F1 car.

*Please note that the current cars may be away racing or testing at the time of your visit, but you will be able to see other Racing Point F1 cars.


We can offer Racing Point Factory Tours for a price of 270,- Euro including VAT. Please contact us if you would like to book a tour so we can arrange a date for you.